OMG! I cannot buy any face masks for dust protection. Almost stores have run out of stock of dust mask. Some stores request their customers to place the pre-order for dust mask. An availability of mask is 3 days later while I am at risk of particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) exposures daily.

Today “Nong Ta To” will give some tips that alleviate the impact of PM2.5 by applying the available materials from nearby drug stores or convenience stores.

At least, these materials can temporarily substitute qualified dust masks. Let’s see what you can use!!

Double face masks

Although double face masks cannot guarantee 100% dust prevention, it mostly reduces your exposure from dust and be available in every convenience store.

Double face mask + handkerchief

It is a good idea to use handkerchief such as filter cloth for reducing inhalation of PM2.5. If handkerchief is not available, tissue paper may also be substituted.

Avoid outdoors activity

During the level of PM2.5 has reached at unhealthy level, the outdoors physical activities should be avoided.

Although these three methods may not guarantee 100% air pollution prevention, they likely protect you from 100% dust exposure.

However, the best method for preventing air pollution is to wear effective N95 or higher face mask designed to filter out pollution particles or to limit outdoors activities. Moreover, be always ready to protect yourself from air pollution before living home.



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